Hack-It 4.0 beta 10

An easy to use program that allows you to control open windows on your computer

  • Category:

    Windows Managers

  • Version:

    4.0 beta 10

  • Works under:

    Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Free
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    5.9 (190)

Hack-It is a utility program that makes it possible to perform many standard and non-standard functions on different active windows. The program runs in the background or from the system tray. The application aims to help users get the same functionality from any window within the operating system. This can become a problem if the developers of software leave out buttons to minimize windows or perform other basic tasks. The utility is small and easy to install. Hack-It is classified as shareware. The only restriction on the unregistered version of the program is that settings are not saved between sessions.

Hack-It has been around for over a decade. The interface for the application looks dated because of this. The main display consists of a window with an expandable list of items in the view. There is a menu bar along the top with options like functions, settings and help. The main view options include top-level headers for visible windows, hidden windows, tray windows and topmost windows. Expanding each option brings up a list of all the windows running. This includes non-visible windows that are not present because they are just shells for different background system processes.

The main purpose of Hack-It is to apply the same level of functionality to windows even when buttons or right-click menus do not respond. The program does this on an event-level within the system. Users can select a window from the tree in the display. It is then possible to right-click the window or use the functions menu to access different options. The most obvious are minimize, maximize, restore and close. This will work on any type of window including splash screens for programs. Users are also able to set the transparency of any window. Users can select the level of transparency as a number between 10 percent and 100 percent.

A few other functions are available for windows. One option allows users to force the window to appear as an icon in the system tray. The window will vanish from the screen but remains accessible by clicking on the tray icon. Hack-It gives users the ability to change the processor priority of windows. This will make individual windows slower or faster depending on the settings. Hack-It has simple options to end a window process or to force the window into invisible mode so that it no longer clutters the screen.

Individual windows can have settings attached that will automatically move them to a particular screen position. The same settings can be used to automatically resize or perform other functions once a specific window or type of window appears on the screen. One of the main problems with Hack-It is that it does not work on the latest versions of Windows. In fact, many of the features are already in the latest versions of the operating system. Hack-It is something useful for people using older versions of Windows who need better control.


  • Small and easy to use
  • Useful for controlling windows


  • Does not work with modern versions of Windows
  • Some window names can be confusing

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